Why Horizon City

April 29, 2022

Although the progress has been much more than gradual, I don’t know that everyone knows just how much is going on in Horizon City. In fact, I feel, some El Pasoans think that Horizon City is still the desert or is just as far away as Houston! Let me introduce you to the new H-Town but just around the corner from El Paso. Some things to catch your attention have been the building and opening of the Amazon Distribution (or Fulfillment) Center, Crumbl Cookie, Sun City Slice, Cracker Barrel and much much more.

The El Paso MPO Regional Mobility Strategy estimates a large migration to the outskirts of El Paso to places like the Far East off Montana and Horizon City. Find out more by visiting their website at

Horizon City has seen major growth over the last few years. Sprouting amazing new communities with high end builders, parks, bicycle paths and shopping makes this area such a desirable place to live.

Eastlake marketplace has brought hundreds of jobs and a surplus of shopping and dining to the area with stores like Ross, 5 and below, SPECS, Dutch Bros, fast food eateries, and a Cracker Barrel. The Amazon Distribution Center brought an injection of jobs. Last count was close to 1000.

Several other areas have new businesses and commercial space available for lease. Albertsons is moving to the area to bring more grocery variety.

Horizon City town center will be a great place for new businesses and a place to meet with the family. It is being modeled off the Montecillo area in West El Paso. Check it out here

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Why Horizon City