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It is the perfect time to sell your home. Leading into 2020 we had great interest rates for buyers. This gave them a lot of motivation to purchase in 2020. Because of Covid-19, everyone was told to stay home. Then, in May, they let everyone start going out and continuing a somewhat normal life. The other side was sellers were more apprehensive about putting their homes on the market for fear of people they don’t know walking through their home. Nowadays, anyone can put a home on the market and it will likely sell. What Thomas is able to do is ensure that you get the maximum amount of money that your house can get. Thomas does not simple list the house for what he thinks will close quickly. He sets values for neighborhoods. When would you like to meet Thomas and see what he can do for you?

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Why Sell with Thomas Folden

Thomas Folden does a great job marketing and selling your home. Prior to Covid19, he was able to sell a 5-acre pecan farm with a 3100 square foot home in 3 days. He was also able to assist with a home that needed a lot of work and was able to sell that home in 2 hours. Lately, in this seller’s market, these statistics wouldn’t count for much. What you want is someone that is going to give you the information and maintain the communication throughout the process.

Thomas wants you to know he takes great pride in education for his craft. This is his full-time job. In the Army, he was known for being the Soldier that knew all the regulations and Army doctrine and could basically recite most of it from memory. He wanted to know Real Estate as well as he knew the Army.